STEAM Education stimulates innovation, creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills

What is STEAM?

Our STEAM Education is based  on strategies designed to engage students in learning at high standards, including academically based community service, civic education, environmental education, place based learning, service learning, and work-based learning.

Our teachers inspire student in every classroom with a simple, powerful, and comprehensive digital learning environment.

STEAM learning stimulates innovation, creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills, resulting in a well-rounded, multi-faceted child.

We want the best for your child, and by working in partnership we can successfully enrich your child’s Education

Why a STEAM?

The jobs of tomorrow might not have yet been imagined. As the changes in science and technology continue to gather pace, we  nurture the skills your child needs to succeed in the 21st century.

We inspire your child to embrace tomorrow’s opportunities. By encouraging your child to think ambitiously, independently and indicatively, we prepare them to take advantage of emerging career paths – or to forge their own.

We provide our students with the skills, personal qualities and international mindedness for the future.

Three Female Students Building And Programing Robot Vehicle In After School Computer Coding Class

The standard of our teaching will be regularly assessed by a professional team senior academics

Why a STEAM School for your child?

What was considered a good education 50 years ago, however, is no longer enough for success in college, career, and citizenship in the 21st century. We are always looking to find new and creative ways to stimulate learning and continually striving to improve the way we teach.

STEAM is our educational approach to learning that uses Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, and Mathematics as access points for guiding student inquiry, dialogue, and critical thinking. The end results are students who take thoughtful risks, engage in experiential learning, persist in problem-solving, embrace collaboration, and work through the creative process. These are the innovators, educators, leaders, and learners of the 21st century!

British International School students are taught to thrive in a world that is rapidly changing. Our STEAM approach to learning goes beyond grades, building the character and confidence required to achieve impressive, unique futures.

 Our educational approach enables every student to reach high levels of academic and social success. 

Our schools offer rigorous, internationally-recognised curricula and qualifications including the English National Curriculum and International Baccalaureate. We believe that this provides your child with a global education passport, equipping them to study anywhere in the world.

We offer rigorous and compelling curricula which are respected by the world’s top universities, and encourage critical thinking, teamwork and leadership.

We provide a varied schedule with lots of opportunities for students to be personally ambitious. Our After School Activities programme (ASAs) cover physical, academic, creative and performing arts from learning to play, being part of the school council and forming part of the musical school theatre. Sport for all abilities is an important part of nurturing talent and we equip the students to participate in both non-competitive and competitive sporting competitions.

Your child will discover the best possible environment for learning. Our schools are designed for comfort and well-being, and feature modern facilities for sport, study and the arts.

We pride ourselves in providing the best possible environment for your child to learn. We invest in our campuses to ensure that they are modern and bright, with top-quality facilities for sports, drama, and learning.

From an international curriculum, to contact with schools all over the world, STEAM offer a truly global education, helping young people become well-informed world citizens. We believe that the diversity of our students and our schools is one of our greatest strengths.

Our schools deliver more than the ordinary. We use technology to enhance your child’s learning experience. We’re always exploring new ways to bring subjects and ideas to life. Our collaborative online Global programme brings your child closer to fellow students across the globe.

We may be passionate about our vision, mission and core values, but we’re also serious about maintaining our high standards in every single STEAM school. The standard of our teaching is regularly assessed by a professional team senior academics who have been trained in important areas of school inspection including:

  • International accreditation
  • School inspection methodologies
  • School self-evaluations

Our inspection team work closely with STEAM Principals and STEAM teachers to ensure they have the latest information on current teaching techniques, classroom practice and school administration. Inspectors then appraise and assess individual schools, helping them to become even better.

The principal functions of the council are to determine general academic policies and regulations of our STEAM schools; to approve major changes in the requirements for admission to the Schools and in the programs of study offered by our schools.

And to provide for review, amendment, and final interpretation of the academic curriculums. The decisions of the council are by majority vote and are subject to the approval of the Chief Executive Officer of STEAM Education.

 We resolutely believe that success stems from exceptional teaching practices, attentive administration, wonderful families and responsible students. Great teachers inspire great students. That’s why at STEAM Education, we pay close attention to how we train and support both our new and experienced educators. 

All teachers at STEAM  participate in on-going training programs to ensure that the strategies, methods and resources they use reflect the standards of best practice from around the world. As part of our teaching philosophy, our teachers:

  • Systematically develop students’ learning skills so that they become increasingly independent.
  • Use assessment to help students reflect on what they know and help them set targets for the future.
  • Use stimulating activities in well-placed lessons.
  • Create a purposeful atmosphere that promotes good learning.
  • Actively engage students in their own learning.

When you and your child join a STEAM Education school, you will be welcomed into a warm and vibrant community. Our students, parents and staff form a diverse and supportive network ready to help you with any aspect of school life. Our schools are hubs for their communities and offer a wide range of inclusive events and activities.

STEAM principals are responsible for ensuring these world class expertise reach children in the classroom. Our principals shape the direction of STEAM schools, establishing their culture, their ethos and their direction. Above all, STEAM principals are there to inspire and to motivate; giving teachers the support and confidence they need to be the very best educators and motivating students to achieve their full potential – with the full support of STEAM parents. Our principals have an exceptional track record, focusing on outstanding results, happy teachers, successful students and involved parents.

So, what makes a great STEAM principals?

  • Our school leaders facilitate staff growth and development.
  • Our School leaders ensure that staff members have opportunities to grow in their roles as STEAM school teachers and leaders.
  • Our STEAM leaders understand what they’re asking teachers to do, and help facilitate project design and critical thinking things to help teachers create stronger practices and support students when they are struggling with things.

Our international network of multi-skilled advisors provide invaluable support and guidance in all areas of school life. They help us ensure world class standards of education for STEAM students and share with us the best and latest educational practices from around the world.

You can play an active role in your child’s education. As a parent, it’s only natural that you’ll want to take an active role in your child’s education. At STEAM, we actively encourage parents to engage with their child’s learning and are leading the way by becoming the first school to introduce a parental engagement strategy into all our schools.

Support team is to ensure that all students receive an equal education and the support they need to achieve their goals. We have a professional team for student health and education. Our Learning Support Team comprises teachers with a range of expertise who work closely with classroom teachers. A variety of strategies are used to best meet the learning needs of all students. These may include:

  • Small group instruction
  • 1:1 instruction
  • Support within the classroom
  • Differentiated assessments
  • Individualized Education Plans
  • Speech & Language Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Individualized Learning Program
  • Assistive Technology

Why a STEAM Education ?

The jobs of tomorrow might not have yet been imagined. As the changes in science and technology continue to gather pace, we nurture the skills your child needs to succeed in the 21st century.